McCoy's Ferry/B101.8

McCoy's Ferry/B101.8

As you probaly thought, McCoy's Ferry got its name from the river ferry that operated here along time ago during the C&O Canal days. The WM crossed Green Spring Run high above McCoy's Ferry on a double track trestle. Today both double track spans are still here but only one track is decked and has rails. I would have thought CSX would have left the other crossties down for a maintence road.

This bridge is No.101.8 near the B102 milepost. The speed limit for the bridge and the two curves at each end of the trestle was 40/40. Which meant 40mph for both passenger and freight trains. Passenger trains were usually allowed 10mph faster than freights.

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An old photo of a work crew at the McCoys Ferry bridge. It appears as if they are in the process of converting the wooden trestle in the foreground into the steel trestle which can be seen in the distance and is photographed in the second photo.

A westbound MARC Excursion train crosses the WM trestle at McCory's Ferry. It started is trip at Hagerstown, Md. and is next scheduled to stop for more passengers in Martinsburg, WVA. on the B&O. The train will use the WM connection at Cherry Run and reverse to Martinsburg and onto Washington DC. It will return later that night. Next photo is of CSX train G416 seen returning to Cumberland after an hauling eastbound grain train. This is only a pair of light units that are off W&LE RR at Connellsville.

NS run-through double track train NS 228 now on the WM at McCory's Ferry is designated CSX train Z279. The train uses the old WM/N&W track rights over the WM/B&O between Hagerstown and the Connellsville, Pa. The train will switch back over to N&W tracks at Hagerstown and contine south to Norfolk over the NS Shenandoah Line. These re-routings were due to a flood along the NS at Kenova and now the train uses it old route.

CSX D720 is crossing the trestle as it heads east. The train will climb a slight grade as it leaves the Potomac River.

CSX train D721 rounds the curve from Big Spring as is about to cross west over the Mc Coys Ferry trestle in April 1997.

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